Special offer for serious spiritual seekers.

"Padam comes swiftly bounding to see those devotees
who are genuinely sruggling to see it".

To those who are interested in the spirituality presented on our website and are looking for opportunities to explore it more deeply, we offer assistance.

We offer three pillars of support centered around the practice of Atma-vichara:

1. Making available a strongly sattvic place where, through the Atma-vichara practice [its actual phase] performed many times, subtle "traces" are developed, using which one can more easily perform the practice himself.

This place is dedicated to Sri Ramana Maharshi and is under his care.

2. Shared practice with an experienced, advanced Atma-vichara practitioner, providing an opportunity to pull upward in some cases.

3. An individualized explanation of the Atma-vichara technique as we know from our own example that it effectively works, particularly in terms of reaching the experience of the foretaste of the Self, the sphurana I-I [I am I].

This offer is for people who are seriously interested in spirituality, have an active mumukshu (desire for Liberation, desire for God), pure intentions, and are attracted to the teachings and direct path of Sri Ramana Maharshi. No great experience in Atma-vichara or any other path is required (mental habits from other paths can be quite an obstacle) - purity of heart, pure intention and desire for the Supreme are important. An important indicator is also a pure inner attraction to what we are offering here, which should come out while reading the words written here or later. The disposition to make efforts on the spiritual path is also necessary.

This offer, however, is not addressed to people:

a) who willfully cheat, defraud, or swindle other people in any area of life or manipulate them;
b) who deliberately harm other people or animals;
c) who exalt themselves above other people and consider themselves superior to them;
d) who consider themselves "enlightened" or all-knowing;
e) who consider themselves to be spiritual teachers and in an organized manner teach spirituality to others or hold meetings (online or live) that they call "satsangs" where they verbally communicate spiritual truths or post on social media as experts in spirituality;
f) who like to engage in disputes and arguments on spiritual topics;
g) who have intentions of testing us, proving anything to themselves or anyone by visiting us, or any other twisted intentions;
h) who suffer from mental illnesses, hauntings or other similar afflictions;
i) who intoxicate themselves with alcohol or other drugs (including ayahuasca and similar);

because the occurrence of even one of the majority of the above cases closes the possibility of doing such spiritual work as we propose. We ask people who meet any of the above conditions not to contact us about this topic.

The place where we operate is located in the south of Poland, near Bielsko-Biała - it is necessary to come to that place.
We use an individualized approach: during one session, lasting about 2 hours, we work with one, maximum two people.
For the two hours of the stay with us aspirants are required to work diligently inside.
Neither before nor after the session do we have any discussions (except for the normal exchange of words under the given circumstances), nor is it possible to stay with us longer after the session.
We do not advise on any matters other than Atma-vichara and experiencing the Self.
We do not meet for companionship, only to do well-defined spiritual work, and we do not extend this to the social field.
However, we do not refuse further support to those who have the disposition for serious spiritual work, the need for further support, and who ask for it.
We do not explain the theory on the spot - it is sufficiently explained on our site, we ask visitors to get acquainted with it in advance to the extent appropriate for each one.
We focus on experiencing and not on words - we work in silence, we do not have spiritual chats before, during or after the practice.
We do not limit the possibility of taking part in more than one session; however, the first time we usually make an appointment for only one session (exceptions to this rule are possible).

If you are interested, please email us - you can find the email address on the subpage O nas.

Please note, however, that we do not accept all applicants.

When Ramana Maharshi spoke of the ocean of happiness of the Self within us and within our reach, he knew what he was talking about and was neither kidding nor lying. This ocean of happiness is attainable and manifests first in the flashes of sphurana I am I [I-I] that appears in the practice of Atma-vichara. We, responding to Bhagavan's call, offer help in reaching that place. We do this solely within the service to the Supreme - we are not seeking our own glory in this, nor are we doing any business of our own. Our only intention is to genuinely, concretely help spiritual seekers so that they themselves can perform the practice of Atma-vichara in its actual phase and enter into the direct experience of a foretaste of the bliss of the Self, which many find so difficult to attain.

We stipulate, however, that there is no guarantee of such an effect, and it is not the rule; one often has to be content with taking advantage of a place to practice, explaining methodology, and perhaps pulling oneself up to that point in some degree. Even at the feet of Arunachala, in the room where Ramana Maharshi lived, where the power of his presence is still active, such a quick effect happens to few. In the short run the task of such places is to stimulate the process of sadhana and direct it properly, sometimes to pass a key point, but the bulk of the work you have to do yourself at home anyway because, as Bhagavan said, neither God nor anyone else will do for man what he has to do.
Nevertheless, spectacular cases also happen and we have dealt with them.

As a general rule, however, a whole range of effects is possible, and has been observed by us, from no effect at all to experiencing a foretaste of the Self; please take this into account and do not fixate on any particular expectations. In the worst case scenario, you can lose two hours plus your commute.

We strongly emphasize that what we are writing about here is not about working with energies, and we do not operate on the energy fields of the people visiting us. Atma-vichara, which touches the Self, is a pure and subtle practice, far beyond the reach of any energetic tricks. What it is based on is the Self alone, which gives experience of the pure taste of its happiness only in the state of Silence [Mouna]. During the shared practice, it often manages to open the space of Silence, but we have no control over whether or how much someone benefits from it. The leading Guru here is Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi, not us.

PS We stipulate that what we are talking about here is for the moment a pilot program, in which modifications can be made on an ongoing basis, which can either be continued or terminated at any time.